Kansas City Royals–2015 World Series Champions

You learn a lot about a team in a short period of time when you write the story on their championship season, and one thing I discovered about the Kansas City Royals team of 2015, is there is so much to like about them.

Their ability to never be fazed by any deficit is one thing I really admire. Game 5 of the World Series is a perfect example; watching that game there was never a moment from the ninth-inning on that any reasonable person watching it didn’t think they were going to win. You could tell just in the energy of the two teams that emanated from the dugout. The Royals were just waiting to strike, while the Mets were just waiting for it to end.

It was the same thing throughout the playoffs in 2015, and if the Royals weren’t one of the most resilient teams ever assembled, there was no way they come back from that huge deficit in Game 4 against Houston. The Royals just had a knack of taking the best punch from an opponent, and surviving.

The other thing that just amazes me is how so many different players had a huge hand in winning this title. Unlike other years, for other championship teams, it wasn’t one player getting hot and carrying everyone else on their back. The Royals were a team in every definition of the word. Any player on that roster could be the reason they won on any particular night.

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